Monday, 16 December 2019

Barbarianism Versus Civilization

The rich nations act on the assumption that barbarianism has no real power over human beings. They fail to recognize the appeal of barbarianism—they don’t give enough attention to the cultural pride, sense of historical injustice, lust for unearned riches, and the total rejection of modernity that motivates such cultures. Barbarianism has had a deadly impact on the history of civilization. In the conflicts between civilization and barbarianism, the barbarians may lose in the short term, but, if they are passionate about their way of life and have a sizable territory under their control, they win in the long term. You see this kind of outcome in the many civilizational conflicts of last 2500 years. The Persian, Indus Valley, Greek, Roman, and British empires were ripped apart by the people that they regarded as barbarians.


uriel alexis said...

got confused about the British Empire example. who were their barbarians that ripped the empire apart? Americans?

Anoop Verma said...

@uriel alexis: The terms "civilized" and "barbarian" is contextual and subjective. This is in the sense that the appropriation of these labels will depend on the perspective of the party that is doing the labelling. From the British point of view during that era, all their colonies in which they ruled were infested with barbarians; however, the perspective in the colonies was different. The colonies believed that the British were the invaders.