Sunday, 23 September 2018

My Personal Philosophy

People often ask me, what is the name my personal philosophy? But I don’t think it is possible for me to describe my personal philosophy by a single word.

The definition of labels like liberal, conservative, individualist, libertarian, capitalist, individualist, Aristotelian, epicurean, stoic, Humean, Kantian, etc., is open to question. These labels can mean different things to different people. So I have written the following note which gives an approximate description of my personal philosophy:
I am a Platonist of the worldly kind; an Aristotelian of the epicurean and stoic kind; a liberal of the classical kind; a conservative of the constitutionalist kind; a libertarian of the moral kind; a capitalist of the radical kind; an individualist of the social kind; a Humean of the Kantian kind.
This is the closest that I can come to describing my personal philosophy.

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