Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Why I Am Not A Liberal

By disparaging the theistic roots of the dominant moral, cultural, and political conceptions, the atheistic liberals appear to be endorsing the highly flawed political goals of the Enlightenment. Like the Enlightenment philosophers, the liberals are full of hatred for modern civilization—they want to undermine the value of traditional knowledge, culture, and political institutions on which modern civilization is based.

They envision a “new world” which owes no debt to the past and whose intellectual, political, and moral systems are under their complete domination. But the truth is that some of the worst acts of barbarism have been committed by regimes that promise to wipe the slate clean and create a completely new world—for instance, the Jacobin terror at the time of the French Revolution, or the Bolshevik terror under Stalin’s new economic order.

The political goals of the Enlightenment by which the liberals are motivated can never be achieved, because these goals are against the laws of nature. However, the devastation caused by their policies does not make the liberals stop and reconsider their political goals—they keep going till they have completely destroyed the nation in which they are operating.

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