Wednesday, 23 October 2019

The Utopian Mission of Liberals and Neo-Conservatives

The failure of the Nazism, Fascism, and Communism did not destroy the doctrine of human perfectibility which found a way of migrating to other movements. The liberals were the first to be infected by this doctrine—in the late 1940s, a few years after the Second World War, the liberals became obsessed with the idea of creating a perfect global society. They started drawing the blueprint for a new utopia which would span the planet—a global democracy and free market under the benign command of enlightened progressive rulers. But the liberals could not take their agenda forward because of strong opposition from the conservatives.

After the 1990s, a section of the conservatives too became infected with the doctrine of human perfectibility. They called themselves neo-conservatives and were inspired by the idea that, with the use of military power, people in other countries can be perfected. The neo-conservatives joined hands with the liberals and they launched their first major utopian experiment in the Middle East. Their plan was to use military power to turn the Middle East into a democratic and free market paradise. The Middle Eastern experiment has had catastrophic consequences—it has cost millions of lives and trillions of dollars, and none of the utopian goals have been achieved.

For a war to be moral, its goals must be achievable; if the goals are utopian and not achievable, then the war is immoral. The wars orchestrated by the liberals and the neo-conservatives in the last four decades are utopian and immoral.

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