Friday, 18 October 2019

Nationalistic Conservatism is Anti-Racism

Nationalistic conservatism means that people should rule themselves and it’s inherently anti-racism. Both nationalism and conservatism are modern phenomena. They are the political outcome of the two 18th century revolutions: The American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789.

People have always lived in groups formed by the bonds of kinship, race, location, and dialect. In Ancient Greece, Roman Era, and Middle Ages, people didn’t identify with their country (they didn’t have the concept of a country with definite borders); they identified with their king, their racial or ethnic group, their small town, and their dialect. The rise of nationalistic conservatism, after the two 18th century revolutions, has allowed tens of millions of people (in countries with large populations) to transcend their racial and ethnic identities, and identify with their nation and its culture.

I am not saying that a supporter of nationalism and conservatism cannot be a racist—a follower of any ideology can be motivated by racism. My point is that as a political system or movement nationalistic conservatism tends to look at issues primarily from a national perspective, and it usually operates by downplaying the issues related to racial and ethnic identities.

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