Sunday, 20 October 2019

Libertarianism is a Child of Conservatism

Karl Marx has proclaimed that a socialist utopia can arise only in a society where the capitalists (by implication, the conservatives) have done their work. The libertarians have not made a similar proclamation, but their tiny movement has evolved only in countries where the politics and culture is dominated by free-market oriented conservatism. There is no trace of libertarianism in the countries which are being ruled by a communist or religious fundamentalist regimes.

It’s notable that in the last 100 years, the libertarians have been pontificating about liberty and free markets only in countries where liberty and free market already exist, primarily due to the efforts of the conservatives. Libertarianism is like a creeper that survives by attaching itself to the trunk and branches of the giant tree of conservatism. They are both movements which appreciate the fruitfulness of unplanned processes and are averse to the idea of big government.

Libertarianism cannot have an impact on culture and politics until the libertarians start acknowledging the conservative roots of their ideology

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