Saturday, 29 June 2019

On Nationalism and Renaissance

The intellectuals who condemn nationalism are ignoring the connection between nationalism and renaissance. Every renaissance that humanity has experienced in the past has been inspired by the desire of the people in a nation to revive the glorious culture that their ancestors had once created from their political, intellectual, economic, and militaristic achievements.

A renaissance, by definition, is a revival, a reawakening, a rebirth. A political and cultural movement to radically transform a country (a renaissance) can succeed only when a large section of the population has a good sense of history and culture, and they love and admire their nation for its past achievements.

The Age of the Renaissance in Europe (between the 14th and 17th centuries) was also an age of rising nationalist sentiments—people started identifying with the culture and history of their nation as they had never done before. A “nationalist” is a person who loves his nation, its culture, and its history—people like him are a necessary condition for a renaissance.

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