Wednesday, 26 June 2019

How Objectivism Destroyed Ayn Rand’s Legacy!

To say that a movement is essential to develop and disseminate a philosopher’s work, is tantamount to saying that a government is essential to build roads and provide healthcare. The countries with big governments have the worst roads and healthcare, likewise the philosophers whose work is monopolized by a movement face the risk of becoming irrelevant.

None of the important philosophers in the last 2000 years have wasted their time in trying to start a movement.

Ayn Rand ruined her legacy by teaming up with a bunch of foolish youngsters and starting objectivism which soon developed a government like command-and-control structure and inserted a collectivist element into her philosophy of individualism. Her legacy would have been in a better shape if she had never met these youngsters and continued to do what she was good at—writing novels, movie scripts, and articles.

What did the youngsters bring to her? Nothing, except a massive loss of reputation and credibility. What has objectivism brought to her? Nothing, except the indignity of being regarded as the founder of the world’s most incompetently argued philosophy.

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