Thursday, 24 August 2017

Reisman and Objectivism

In my opinion, George Reisman is one of the best economists in the world today. I find his book, Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics even better that Ludwig von Mises’s Human Action. Unfortunately, Reisman was excommunicated from Objectivism for some flimsy reason which has nothing to do with philosophy.

In his article, "Reisman Insights Without George Reisman," Per-Olof Samuelsson's says that the "fact that such a man as George Reisman exists, that he is a long time Objectivist, and that he has revolutionized economic theory, is obviously a closely guarded secret."

The excommunication of Reisman is a great loss for Objectivism. 

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Anonymous said...

It might be better in the long run if you simply continued making the point that many (not enough) thinkers e.g. Reisman, Efron, are working on topics informed by Objectivism - the philosophy - and that the social movement, problematic as that is, doesn't matter. Neither, it seems, does excommunication.