Sunday, 2 July 2017

Trump Body-Slams CNN

I am not sure about the ethics of this tweet by Donald Trump, but I confess that it feels great to see "FAKE LEFTIST MEDIA" being body-slammed.

The leftist media organizations are a disgrace to journalism. For too long they have been getting away with spreading falsehoods about capitalism, and indulging in socialist and environmentalist propaganda.

It is good to see these "elitist liars" being exposed and humiliated. It is good to see them being body-slammed. They do not deserve any credibility or respect.

Can anyone estimate the damage that the leftist media has caused by their non-stop propaganda for Global Warming and Climate Change! Lives of millions of people around the world has been destroyed in the name of environmentalism—the media must accept at least a part of the responsibility for the havoc that has been caused. They are the biggest drummer boys of this environmentalist nonsense.

This Trump tweet is a good experience for all those who are fed up of the toxic socialist, environmentalist, anti-individual rights and anti-free markets propaganda that the mainstream media dishes out 24/7.


Don McCutcheon said...

The body slamming video is a good allegory of what has happened: the propaganda and lying assault of Trump by CNN has been over turned by the truth and Trump's defensive counterattacks. An excellent use of WWF theatre to illustrate a present reality of CNN's defeat as if in a wrestling contest. Trump is illustrating in a dynamic manner his success against their prolonged attack.

Anoop Verma said...

Don, good point. I agree with you.