Friday, 7 July 2017

Barbara Branden on Objectivism and Rage

Barbara Branden spoke in the TAS 2006 Summer Seminar (July 4, 2006) on the topic of "Objectivism and Rage". Here's an excerpt:
Objectivists are by no means immune to this rage. On the contrary, I find it to be increasingly prevalent among Objectivists. We see everywhere—particularly on the Internet—the spectacle of supposed supporters of reason and free inquiry erupting in fury at the least provocation and hurling abuse at anyone who opposes—even questions—their convictions. 
But what I call “Objectivist Rage” has a peculiar twist to it, unlikely to be found anywhere else except, paradoxically, in religion. It is almost always morally tinged. Those who question our ideas and those who oppose them, we are told, are not merely unintelligent, ignorant, uninformed; they are evil, they are moral monsters to be cast out and forever damned. 
The full lecture by Branden is available on The Objectivist Living forum

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