Sunday, 26 March 2017

My Letter to Members of "For The New Intellectuals" Group

Dear Group Members,

As advised by many members, I have decided to continue the For The New Intellectuals (FNI) group. Thank you for your support.

When I posted the blog, “My Farewell To Organized Objectivism,” I was under the impression that the group will splinter immediately. I thought that more than 70% of the members may decide to leave. I also believed that my Facebook friend-list will go down by 50%. Despite the risks, I posted the blog because the truth needs to be told as many times as possible.

There is nothing new in what I have said in my blog. Since the 1980s, the Objectivist community has been squandering its intellectual resources in discussing these concerns. Yet there is no solution in sight. The philosophers who project themselves as the sole-custodians of Ayn Rand’s philosophy and literature have been unable to resolve these long festering problems.

However, I am surprised to see that only 27 members have left the FNI group since the posting of my blog. And I have lost only 23 Facebook friends. The 23 who have deleted me from their friend-list are nice and knowledgeable people, but they take an extremely dogmatic approach to Objectivism. But I respect their decision to get rid of my company.

The loss of members in the FNI group and the number of Facebook friends in my list is much less than what I had been anticipating. Also, while many of the comments, messages and emails that I have received are against what I say in my blog—a few make use of colorful expletives—but “surprisingly,” there are comments that are supportive.