Wednesday, 22 February 2017

On The Four Objectivist Rules Proposed in The Post-Ayn Rand Era

In my yesterday’s post I discuss Robert Tracinski’s shocking article “Anthemgate,” in which he gives a rather sad critique of the ethical and philosophical standards of the topmost philosophers and leaders of Objectivism.

In today’s post I am taking note of Tracinski’s second article on the Objectivist movement, “The 1980s Called, and They Want Their Objectivism Back.” He makes a scathing attack on the four new rules that he claims the leaders of the Objectivism developed in the 1980s (the post-Ayn Rand era) with the intention of strengthening their control over the international Objectivist movement.

The four rules are:

1) The Libertarian movement is evil and Objectivists should boycott it.

2) Barbara Branden’s biography of Ayn Rand is a scurrilous attack on Objectivism.

3) Don’t sanction the sanctioners.

4) Objectivism is a closed system.

Tracinski is a clever writer and thinker. He has deployed lot of logic and evidence to prove that these four rules are formulated on incorrect philosophical premises. But I don't have enough information about the context in which these four rules were developed, so I can’t take a position on them.

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  1. Any promotion of freedom risks the results of the lens of prejudice as to whose freedom is to be protected. Per se it is in fact a Logical Fallacy : there is no freedom without responsibility.