Thursday, 12 January 2017

An Introduction to Logic by H.W.B. Joseph

An Introduction to Logic
H.W.B. Joseph

H.W.B. Joseph’s An Introduction to Logic was first published in 1906. The book has a detailed treatment of Aristotelian logical theory.

In his Preface, Joseph indicates his devotion to Aristotelian logic in these lines: "In the course of centuries, the tradition [of logic] has become divergent, and often corrupt. In this difficulty, I have ventured, like one or two other modern writers to go back largely to its source in Aristotle."

In the first chapter, “Of the General Character of the Enquiry,” Joseph gives a detailed description of what the concept of logic means. Here’s an excerpt from his discussion of the subject: “Logic, then, is the science which studies the general principles in accordance with which we think about things, whatever things they may be; and so it presupposes that we have thought about things.”

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