Monday, 31 October 2016

The Smearing of The Alt-Right by The Leftists

The term “alt-right” is everywhere. It stands for “alternative right,” but what is the “right” whose alternative the “alt-right” movement is supposed to represent?

The leftist intellectuals claim that “alt-right” denotes the people on the extreme right who reject mainstream conservatism in favor of forms of conservatism that embrace implicit or explicit racism or white supremacy.

But if the issue is “racism” and “white supremacy,” then why not call these people “racist” and “white supremacist”? Why do we need to invent the new term of “alt-right”?

It isn't clear at all what the term “alt-right” means, but the leftists have been able to create the impression that it denotes people who are "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic." The leftists are not interested in fighting racism. Their sole agenda is to denounce and demonize the people who do not accept the leftist worldview.

The leftists are the masters in using new terms for vilifying their ideological opponents. In the erstwhile Soviet Union, Lenin and Stalin used the term “bourgeoisie” to vilify tens of millions of people. Being labelled as the bourgeoise in the Soviet Union was equivalent to a death sentence. The Soviet regime could label anyone as the bourgeoise. No one was safe.

The term "alt-right" is as confusing as the concept of “bourgeoise.” It can be imposed on anyone who is opposed to the leftist agenda.

In her article, “Extremism: The Art of Smearing” (Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal) Ayn Rand has explained how the intellectuals smear their ideological opponents by using nasty-sounding meaningless terms. Here’s an excerpt:
“Observe the technique involved . . . . It consists of creating an artificial, unnecessary, and (rationally) unusable term, designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concepts—a term which sounds like a concept, but stands for a “package-deal” of disparate, incongruous, contradictory elements taken out of any logical conceptual order or context, a “package-deal” whose (approximately) defining characteristic is always a non-essential. This last is the essence of the trick.”
In this article Ayn Rand has discussed the controversial term “McCarthyism”:
“In the late 1940’s, another newly coined term was shot into our cultural arteries: “McCarthyism.” Again, it was a derogatory term, suggesting some insidious evil, and without any clear definition. Its alleged meaning was: “Unjust accusations, persecutions, and character assassinations of innocent victims.” Its real meaning was: ‘Anti-communism.’”
Today the leftist intellectuals are using of the term "alt-right" for the same reason for which they used "McCarthyism" and "bourgeoisie" in the past. These terms are propaganda tools for smearing those who oppose the leftist agenda.

If you call Global Warming a hoax, you are alt-right. 
If you believe in free-markets, you are alt-right.
If you reject the idea of free or subsidized healthcare, you are alt-right. 
If you demand better law and order, and a more rational foreign policy, you are alt-right. 
If you wish to have smaller government and lower taxes, you are alt-right. 

And so on… 

The vast majority of the people whom the leftists are trying to herd into the alt-right category are not racist or white-supremacist. They are the traditional conservatives who are now determined to take strong political action for stopping the left from imposing their socialist agenda and destroying whatever is still left of economy and culture.


Anonymous said...

You are so good at analyzing ideas and political personalities. Why don't you post an essay about your analysis of Modi ?

Anonymous said...

Well, thank you for your comment. But I would rather not write on Mr. Modi. He is now a quite painful subject for me to write about.

Albionic American said...

The Alt Right has a more interesting message than people have picked up on. The Alt Right's world view accepts the tragedy of the human condition, something Western societies went into denial about around the time of the Enlightenment. We have inequality, hierarchy and patriarchy because of the obdurate nature of things, not because some white men hold power and enforce arbitrary rules. Compared with our elites' childish utopianism about globalism, race, immigration, feminism and sexual degeneracy, the Alt Right sounds like the perspective of the adults in the room.

BruceinFalkirk said...

There is no tragedy of the human condition.

Your post commits the fallacy of 'Being Marxist Bollocks'.

TeaPartyReaganConservative said...

Let's get one thing straight - the "Alt-Right" Nationalist Populists are NOT Reagan Constitutional Conservatives, thus has no actual guiding Reagan constitutional conservative values and principles to speak of. They are a majority mob rule entity on the Republican right - aka Reagan haters, with a flamboyant loud mouthed cult of personality pied piper Republicrat fraud for it's leader.

The Democrat Left on the other hand, pun intended, does not mask it's true identity, they are who and what they are- America haters, Constitution haters, Truth haters, Free Market Capitalist haters, Lincoln, Reagan haters- aka Socialist Marxist Communists.

Trump has literally fractured the GOP Party of Lincoln and Reagan into 3 political entity factions, instead of the 2 before Trump. GOP Est, vs Trumpkin Nationalist Populists vs Reagan Constitutional Conservatives. Both the GOP Est and Trumpkin "Alt-Right" Nationalist Populists despise, hate us Reagan Constitutional Conservatives- aka we the people, thus are in cooperative alliance together behind the scenes. Make no mistake about it, the Republican party is all but a shell of it's former righteous self.

"Donald Trump and the Cult of Personality"
"Power," Henry Kissinger once told The New York Times, "is the ultimate aphrodisiac." Kissinger might amend that statement today: Now, fame is power, and thus replaces power as the ultimate aphrodisiac. In fact, fame isn't just an aphrodisiac -- it's the ultimate nepenthe, a drug causing forgetfulness. The more famous our politicians are, the more we neglect their positions and character. No wonder the most admired woman in America is criminal Hillary Clinton, the most admired man is criminal Barack Obama, and the second-most admired man is loudmouth Donald Trump.

Our celebrities have become royals, and our politicians have become celebrities. That means we crown ourselves a king or queen every four years. America needs no kings and queens. We need unimportant, decent people who focus on how to make themselves unimportant in our lives.

But that's not what we get. Instead, we get glitz and glamour, fun and frolicking with the people who control our freedoms. That's dangerous "

jamesshrugged said...

The altright is a racist movement. I don't say that as a smear but as a matter of fact.

This is the most upvoted post of all time on their Subreddit:

"The Alt Right is a racial movement and has always been a racial movement. Race is at the very core of the alt right and there is absolutely no way to be alt right without discussing racial realism, especially from a white perspective. The mainstream media was not lying to you when they said we are full of white nationalists, racial realists, and fascists. That is what we are and we really do not give a shit about tax cuts or other policy issues."

Anonymous said...

"Alt-Right" is an anti-concept. "An anti-concept is an unnecessary and rationally unusable term designed to replace and obliterate some legitimate concept." The left is using Alt-Right to destroy the political concepts of liberty, free markets, small government, etc., by herding every rational person in the group of some lunatic fringe elements.

Anonymous said...

99% of the people who are being considered as Alt Right in the mainstream media are perfectly decent people. They are hard working, and they have respect for the rule of law.

BruceinFalkirk said...


Peter Cresswell said...

But how on earth can it be a "smear" when it's their own label, under which they've adopted all the grossness of which the left accuses the right.

Keith O'Neil said...

This is incredibly misinformed. The alt-right is a term that they themselves adopted. It is no mistake that the co-founder of the movement is a white nationalist who employs the Nazi salute at the movement's gatherings.

Ayn Rand would never stomach defending this group of collectivists. Much less in such an intellectually dishonest way.

BruceinFalkirk said...

Absolutely correct. Milo has written 'an establishment conservative guide to the alt right ' and posted it on Breitbart.

The movement itself revels in the term.

Anonymous said...

Any supposedly new terminology where it isn't agreed what the general terms of reference it is referring to are renders itself instantly meaningless.